Assembling the Pratt Industrial BF Series Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve

Pratt Industrial BF Series butterfly valve
Pratt BF Series
The Pratt Industrial BF Series butterfly valve is recognized for it's quality and durability for use in these industries: Mining, Food/Beverage, Power, OEM’s, Chemical/Pharmaceutical, Desalination, Petroleum/Oilfield, Ultra Pure Water, Transportation, Marine, Irrigation, and HVAC.

The specifications are:
  • Sizes: 2" through 48"
  • Body: Ductile Iron (65-45-12)
  • Disc: Ductile Iron Nickle Plated, Ductile Iron Nylon 11, CF8M Stainless Steel, Aluminum Bronze
  • Stem: 416 S.S. Heat Treated
  • Resilient Seat: EPDM, Buna-N, Viton
  • Actuation Options: Worm Gear, Lever, Pneumatic, Electric
  • Pressure Ratings: 2" – 12" 230psi; 14" – 48" 150psi
  • Innovative 3 point connection, tongue andgroove seat allows for higher pressure rating and full Vacuum service
  • Unique secondary shaft seals prevent leakage from shaft.
  • Two piece shaft design provides maximum strength and a high flow characteristic disc.
Watch video below for assembly instructions:

For more information about the valve, read the BF Series brochure below. The full Pratt BF Series brochure PDF can be downloaded here.