Industrial Control Valves in New England

ARCA Flow Control is a global control valve manufacturer that serves the chemical, petrochemical, power, food and beverage, and other industrial markets. Their valve offering includes nominal diameters up to 32" rated to ANSI 2500 class for high-pressure applications, and temperatures ranging from cryogenic to 1100° F are manufactured and supplied by nine plants worldwide. A high degree of vertical integration makes the manufacturing process flexible and ensures a high capacity for delivery.

  • Sizes 1/2” to 32” 
  • Globe, Double Seated, Three-Way, Hygienic,  Angle
  • ANSI class 300, 600, 900, 1500, 2500
  • Temperatures –320° F (Cryogenic) to 1100° F
  • Hart, Profibus, Foundation Field Bus

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