Conval Clampseal Valve Disassembly Instructions

Conval Clampseal® Valves are much easier to renew than anything else on the market. This video is one of a series demonstrating how to service Clampseal valves.

Understanding How Control Valves Work

Control valveUnderstanding industrial control valve design and operation is very important if you work as a process engineer, a plant maintenance person, or if you design process control loops.

Control valves are used extensively in power plants, pulp and paper mills, chemical manufacturing, petro-chemical processing, HVAC and steam distribution systems.

There are many types, manufacturers, body styles, and specialized features, but the they all share some basics operating principles. The video below explains components, operation, and fundamentals.

Piping Specialties / PSI Controls

Top 3 Reasons to Specify the Conval Clampseal Gate and Globe Valves

  1. Superior Rugged ConstructionConval valves are designed and built for extreme longevity. Features such as electroless nickel plated finish, complete material traceability of all wetted parts and yoke, instantly establish the quality of the Clampseal® Valve. The Clampseal® also has a pressure actuated backseat which provides maximum valve integrity by ensuring a positive internal stop for the valve stem and disc assembly. The actuated backseat extends packing life by securely isolating the packing from the pressure when the valve is fully open. Valves built forty years ago are still in service today.
  2. In-Line Renewability - When inspection or servicing is required, Conval's in-line renewable valves do not need to be cut out (as do most other welded-in valves). The result is the shortest downtime and lowest life-cycle costs in the industry. A complete service, including a reground seat, new packing or stem replacement can often be accomplished in less than thirty minutes.
  3. Renewal vs. Replacement - Renewing Clampseal® valves cost as little as 10% of the cost of replacing it. Renewing the packing is less than 4% of the cost of materials to replace a globe valve. In addition to the savings listed above, there are intangible savings from shorter shutdown time, which is considerable given that the cost of plant shutdown often exceeds the cost of equipment.
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