Hyspan Series 1500 Laminated Bellows Expansion Joints

Pipe expansion or contraction resulting from temperature changes is independent of line size; however, the bellows elements of small diameter expansion joints have less ability to absorb motion than larger sizes because of restrictions on the corrugation size. Recognizing these shortcomings, Hyspan® developed Series 1500 Laminated Bellows Expansion Joints for applications that involve axial motion.

The bellows elements are designed with up to four individual thicknesses or laminations of precision stainless steel foil. This design procedure combines the high flexibility of thin material while providing the pressure resistance of multiple laminations. 

As a comparison, a bellows made from four plies of 0.008" thick material has the same pressure rating as a single thickness of0.016" thick, but the laminated construction will deflect twice as much and requires only one-half the force to compress.

Piping Specialties, Inc.