Saturday, December 30, 2017

Drexelbrook Total Tank Level System

Drexelbrook Total Tank Level System
Drexelbrook Total Tank Level System
Ametek is a world leader in level measurement technology products.  The Ametek Drexelbrook Total Tank Level System is a state-of-the-art measurement instrument utilizing magnetostrictive technology to accurately determine total product level, interface level, and temperature in liquid tanks. Offered in either a stainless steel rigid, and flexible Kynar version, these probes are capable of working in tanks from as low as 2 feet up to 50 feet high.

Magnetostriction is one of many level technology options available to industrial users today. For liquid measurements, especially when a water interface exists, it unquestionably offers the most versatile and accurate solution on the market. Ametek now has an excellent solution to manage multiple variable measurements in storage tanks. Ametek Drexel Brook now offers the Total Tank Level Multi-variable Transmitter to measure both level and temperature with Modbus, 4 to 20 milliamp, and HART output capability.

The ability to measure and track various tank conditions in realtime is critical in today's process environments. The multi-variable capability of the Drexelbrook Total Tank Level System provides simultaneous data for total level, interface level, product temperature, water interface temperature total average temperature, and volume for all liquid components in the tank. Standard industrial level instruments utilizing guided wave capacitive or radar technologies provide 3 to 5 millimeter accuracy. Higher cost tank gauging technologies will provide 1 to 2 millimeter accuracy. Only magnetostrictive technology can provide superior sub 1 millimeter accuracy levels consistently under most process conditions. In addition, the Drexel Brook Total Tank Level System is fully compensated across the entire operating range of process temperatures, up to 257 degrees Fahrenheit.

One of the most challenging applications is the measurement of an interface level between two significantly different density liquids. The most common of these is oil and water. There are only a few technologies that claim to be able to make this measurement. Guided wave radar and magnetostriction are two of the most common. Guided wave radar technology is based on microwave pulses that are transmitted down a probe and are partly reflected by the product surface, as well as the interface level surface. In applications where both liquids have stabilized, guided wave radar technology can accurately determine both the product and interface level. If an emulsion layer forms between the two liquids this can significantly diminish the measured value, or even cause the complete loss of the signal. If this occurs, it is extremely difficult to maintain control of the process. Using a float based magnetostrictive technology, the measurement becomes straightforward. Both product and interface return signals are generated by the reflection of a magnetically induced strain on the measurement wire, which is embedded in the probe. Magnets are positioned on the probe based on their specific gravity matched to the liquids being measured. This ensures that the float will always maintain its position, both on the top liquid level, and at the interface position. The lower measurement signal remains unaffected by the formation of an emulsion. Comparing the two technologies clearly shows the advantage of magnetostrictive technology whenever emulsion layers are present. Guided wave radar can only be used to measure the overall level reliably under all conditions, while the Drexelbrook Total Tank Level System guarantees the continuous and accurate measurement of the overall level, and the interface, even under emulsion conditions.

The Drexelbrook Total Tank Level System easily integrates into existing control systems that have standard protocols, such as Modbus, 4 to 20 milliamp loop, or HART communications. Each instrument can beset up directly through the Ametek STExplorer software which can be downloaded free of charge. This makes installation and commissioning of the instrument easy. Drexelbrook's reliable magnetostrictive level probes have been installed in more than 100,000 systems worldwide. They are proven over years of grueling weather conditions and trusted by some of the largest companies in the world.

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